September 10, 2009

Cisco's Restaurant and Bakery

I've been on a search for my most favorite migas in Austin ... and I have yet to say the search is still ongoing! This past weekend I went to Cisco's with a few of my friends to get out of the Juan in a Million routine... sometimes it's fun to be a LITTLE more creative!

When it comes to Cisco's migas, I have to say they were above average, but not perfection. I wish the sausage had been cut up and mixed in with the migas. Also, I always prefer black beans over refried beans. These migas do come with tortillas and this humongous biscuit which are definitely added bonuses. You could probably fit a small animal in that biscuit they give you.

I think what took away from the experience was the service. I've actually never had a bad experience any other time I have been to Cisco's but this time they were extremely short-staffed and it took forever, not to mention the wait just to get seated.

Nevertheless, I love the atmosphere much better than Juan's. They have lots of old-man quirky things around the restaurant including old pictures of "Cisco" himself, a gun holder made of hooves (comforting...), hilariously sarcastic drawings by their cash register, and of course ... the unmistakable logo with Cisco and his cigar:

flickr: viajante

I must also mention that Cisco's is celebrating their 70th (!!!) anniversary this year and they have been posting coupons in the Statesman's XL for buy-one-get-one free Migas and/or Huevos Rancheros. I, unfortunately, did not get to use it, but you should be smart and save a buck!

But really, I urge you ... if you are trying to expose yourself to more "authentic" Mexican restaurants ... a good first step would be Cisco's. Next would be the taco stand at 6th and Chicon (Yeah I'm never going to shut up about that place. It's going to be the next blog post I promise).




  1. On Dishola, you said you are seeking Poutine. You can get it at East Side Showroom on 6th St, just a couple blocks east of I-35.

  2. Funny story, I went there on my birthday (Oct. 2) and I asked them about it and the waiter said theirs is not very "legitimate" haha so I ended up not getting it!