September 15, 2009

Titaya's Thai Cuisine: Totally Tantalizing

Remember that day last week that it was pouring? Oh wait, that was like everyday last week. Well, in my case, rain makes me want food that makes me feel warm on the inside. For me, Thai food generally hits the spot. It's hearty, fresh, and so full of flavor. Perfect for a rainy day. Well, perfect for any day really.

I had heard a lot about Titaya's through word of mouth and I had driven past it multiple times since I live near there and frequent that Half Price and Goodwill pretty often. My friend Charlene and I decided to give it a shot!

Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls $3.50

Mmm, what a steal. Look at the size of those. It was pretty much like getting 4, because the 2 spring rolls were cut in half. (We had already eaten 2 before I remembered I should probably take a picture.) I never know if I should dip it into the peanut sauce or sriracha, though. I'm so addicted to sriracha, it blurs my judgment. Thankfully, I stuck with the peanut sauce and the whole combination was lovely. I actually had to tell myself to stop eating them so I would have room left for the main dish.

Pad Kee Mao w/ Chicken $8.50

Ahhhh I love spicy and I love Asian. This really hit the spot. I am a loyal fan to Pad See Eew, so I took a little baby step and got Pad Kee Mao... which I totally love even more! I loved all of the different peppers and chilis involved mixed with the fresh basil. It was a huge portion and I took half of it home.

Overall, I loved Titaya's. Our waiter was very helpful and attentive, I was impressed! Not to mention, you get so much good food for your dollar, it's a great deal and could probably last you 2 meals.

Titaya's is located at:
5501 N Lamar Blvd # C101
Austin, TX 78751-1086
(512) 458-1792

Nom nom nom nom.



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