September 2, 2009

Aux Anciens Canadiens

My family and I visited Aux Anciens Canadiens in Quebec City ... it's a tourist haven, but that's because it's actually really good with real historical value. The food is inspired by food that was eaten by the first Canadian settlers, much of it focusing on game. I'm really weird about eating strange meat usually, but I step outside my comfort zone every now and then when I feel that it's necessary!

Country Platter (Quebec meat pie, meatball ragout, salt pork grillades, baked beans)
My favorite part of this dish was the Quebec meat pie. I think the meat pie was made of lamb meat, but I'm not positive. They served it with a fruit relish that kind of tasted like syrupy canned fruit, pretty much. That paired with the meat pie was this amazing explosion of flavors in my mouth that I never imagined possible. It was SO good. The soft, fibery texture of the meat with the flaky crust paired with the sweetness of the fruit was awesome. I feel like this would make an amazing empanada. A peaches and minced meat empanada. It sounds gross, but I promise... once perfected, it will be empanada gold.

Maple Syrup Pie w/ Fresh Cream
I was afraid this would be way too sweet, but it actually wasn't too bad. The filling had a little crunch to it that reminded me of the top of a creme brulee.

Grandmother's chocolate cake with sweet cream
Is it possible to have a bad chocolate cake? Especially one that looks like this? That's all I have to say about it. Haha.

Anyway, I hope to be updating soon about more local restaurants now that I'm back in Austin! I'm pretty busy with school and work and my internship and life ... but I can always make time for food! :) I want to try Justine's and I also found out yesterday that I won a gift certificate to Eddie V's ... so I'll probably be making a trip there soon as well. Plus Austin Restaurant Week... what's the news on that?



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