November 15, 2009

Dishola's Dish-for-Dish Campaign

As one of Dishola's Ambassadors, we've been working like crazy for this campaign ... why? For every meal that is reviewed on the website unti 11/30, and Whole Foods will donate a meal to Meals on Wheels. It's such a great cause and it really takes no effort on your part.

You basically just have to blabber out your thoughts on what you've eaten (who doesn't want to do that?) and post a photo and voila! We're basically helping you be a more active foodie... the latest and greatest trend, don't you know?

We've been in talks with so many beloved local Austin restaurants to participate in daily Twitter deals that will make your taste buds jump for joy! Cornucopia, One Taco, Lucky J's, and Maki have already participated in the past few days.

But this is just the beginning ... I'll give you an idea of some restaurant Twitter deals coming up: Lulu B's, Fricano's Deli, Uchi, Sugar Mama's, Polka Dots, Portabla... and that's not even everyone!

So definitely keep your eyes peeled.

Follow Dishola on Twitter here @dishola and happy dish-for-dish deals will be floating your way.

Eating makes you a better person, especially in this occasion. :) Dine, Dish, and Donate!




  1. Why did I not know about this one till just now? I was wondering why Les Merles was dying a little. I want to eat with you someday. Oh wait, I already did. Sober I mean.

  2. HAHA. Yeah, I decided to focus on food more. But the fashion part of me is wanting to talk!!! But we should definitely go on a foodie outing. :P