September 28, 2009

Eddie V's for Go Texan Restaurant Roundup

Eddie V's, what say you...?

Well, I am not the biggest fan of dim-litted, stuffy upscale steak/seafood restaurants, but... the food was pretty good.

Swordfish Steak

Hm. Thought the swordfish was pretty tender, but could have been even a little bit more rare. It was definitely still fabulous though and I ate the whole thing. It came with a nice, light garlic butter sauce and sauteed wild mushrooms. So, some Go Texan trivia... according to our waiter, this swordfish comes from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Cool! The fries were a fun modern side, but I still feel like something could have been added to all of this.

I think the fish would have been interesting with a different sauce. Has anyone here tried 3-ingredient chicken that is cooked in China? That sauce is amazing and I think something with that taste, but lighter... would be amazing. Or even some kind of berry compote, because I am so into that right now...

Truffled Macaroni and Cheese

Mmm... the famed mac & cheese. Now, this was awesome. I didn't have much room for it, and the majority of it is sitting in my fridge. But what I did have, I loved. A lovely comfort food dish. Hard to dislike.

Chocolate Chip Cake with Ice Cream

Any kind of dessert that involves a warm chocolate pastry with cold ice cream usually is a 10 in my book. I really should branch out and try something different, but this one sounded so appetizing ... and it was!

So anyway, Eddie V's, I thought your food was a little ordinary, but still very good. I think you need to change the way your restaurant looks and feels. It makes me feel like an old person with old money. Which I definitely am not. I think you should use more fusion in your menu ... I did see the Kung Pao Calamari ... curious to try that next time! I think you should keep those awesome chocolate mints at the hostess stand. Last but not least, your waitstaff is great!

Eddie V's
301 E 5th St
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 472-1860



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